Spring / Summer Ride 2012

I’m leaving on April 1st and returning around July 1st. This gives me around 90 days of traveling. I don’t have many firm plans except to visit friends and family in Austin, TX and I am meeting my wife in Cancun for a week of two up riding around the Yucatan on the KLR. We are meeting a friend in Cancun for a few days of beach time. I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a loop through Guatemala and then back through Mexico with a ride in and around the Copper Canyon area. My plans are not firm but thats how I like it! No reservations, just winging it but trying to stay on a pretty tight budget. I’ll be posting pretty regularly once I get on the road so follow along if you want. If you’ve got some suggestions on what to see along my general route let me know.

The map below is not a fixed route but rather an estimate of the general path I will take. I never know what road I’ll be on and I often just ask a local whats the most scenic route. I’m on the KLR so I can pretty much go anywhere and take any road.

Click on the map to view interactively


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